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Super Star Online

About Super Star Online

Super Star Online is a powerful and effective personalized learning system consisting of, phonics, early learning, language arts, and math courses for grades Pre-K to 5. Our courses are designed to be easy-to-use, engaging, and fun. We use a wide variety of songs, games, and interactive activities wrapped with our "Super Star Motivational and Tracking System" to track and report student achievement. A unique feature of our phonics courses is our "Learn the Words" interactive activities that help speed language development by showing a picture of the word, the word with the sound of the word, and the sounds that make the word in Elkonin boxes.

Our Phonics Approach to Teaching Reading and Word Analysis with "Learn the Words"

A unique and effective feature of our phonics and language arts courses is our "Learn the Words" activities. Our courses feature over 1000 "Learn the Words", making learning new words fun and easy. We offer software that uses a phonics approach to learning to read using phonemes and whole words. Our software makes learning fun, interactive, and engaging.

Above is a one-word example of our "Learn the Words" activity that shows one way we teach phonics sounds and word recognition, along with pictures of the words. This phonics approach makes learning new words easy and demonstrates how words are formed from sounds. Click on "Play" and then mouse over the word and the sounds.

One-minute Overview Movie of Super Star Courses

One-minute Overview Movie of Our Courses by Grades

Resources: We offer the following resources when considering a subscription

  • Research Reports: Research
  • Standard Correlations: Standards
  • Privacy Policy: Privacy
  • Free Trial Subscription: We offer a free 30-day subscription to Super Star online for your entire school. To request a free subscription send your e-mail request to: Free Subscription Request for School or call 760-419-7216. We will usually setup the free subscription within one day.


Click Here to see purchase options for Super Star Online

Purchase Online Option

Super Star Online (for Schools): $5 per user, per year (25 users minimum)
  • When ordering online, after you click on Add to Cart, update the quantity to include all the users in the subscription.
  • All of our available courses are included in any subscription
  • Shipping none (you will receive setup instructions via email)
  • Includes one hour of free training
  • call or text 760-419-7216 for a written quote

The following courses are included in any subscription to Super Star Online:

These courses can be used on almost any device (almost any Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone):
The following courses are not available at this time, but will be available in the near future:

Teachers & Admin Resources

Super Star Online now includes a course for teachers and site administrators called Teacher & Admin Resources. This course contains step-by-step instructions explaining the optional teacher features of Super Star Online and movies that also explain those features. It also contains movies to help site administrators add people and assign courses and students to classes. Now, everything that we had on our support web site is in one easy to find place. Bonus - now includes Super Star Movies (limited time preview). Click Here to view our Teachers & Admins Resources course (free). User name: teach, password: star

System Requirements for Super Star Online

A broadband Internet connection is strongly recommended.

Free Super Star Online app for Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11, Chromebooks, and Android devices.

Chromebooks, and Android devices. These apps are intended primarily for those who already have a paid subscription to Super Star Online. An Internet connection is required. These apps will make it easier for you and your students to log into your Super Star Online subscription.

Please contact us at 760-419-7216 or at: dan@SuperStarOnline.com if you need any help. We are always happy to help.

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