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Title 1

Title 1 and Every Student Succeeds Act or ESSA

Correlations of Help Me 2 Learn Courses with the Every Student Succeeds Act and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

First of all, a quick word about our Help Me 2 Learn company - with much more to come shortly. We create educational games to teach reading, phonics, language arts, math and Spanish to children from Pre-Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Normally, we charge for these "Super Star Online" courses, but because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are now offering all of them for free until June 30, 2020.

Which brings us to the Every Student Succeeds Act or ESSA, signed by President Obama on December 10, 2015.

    ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) aims to:
  • maximize academic success for every student regardless of his or her ability through annual statewide assessments, and
  • provide measurements of his or her progress to educators, families and communities by means of these assessments over extended time periods, awarding literacy grants for textbooks and library books for low-income and special needs students, donating $160 million for literacy instruction in 2016 alone.

This is precisely where Help Me 2 Learn courses come into play, all of whose courses meet the above criteria Most recently, again due to the Coronavirus pandemic, ESSA's role has expanded to include the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or CARES, signed by President Trump on March 27, 2020. This allocates some $15 billion to public schools to support a variety of learning needs, including helping students learn at home if their schools are closed as is happening more and more each day across the United States as the virus spreads faster and faster.

The department of education recently added another 13.2 billion in funds to this program Federal Funds for K-12. "The Department implemented a streamlined process for states to apply for and receive this critical funding by cutting red tape and removing unnecessary delays. SEAs have until July 1, 2020, to apply for ESSER funds by submitting a simple signed Certification and Agreement form to ESSERF@ed.gov. The Department intends to process each submitted form within three business days of receipt. For more information, click here." We will be happy to provide you with a written quote Request for a quote for Super Star Online for my school

Which brings us back again to our Help Me 2 Learn courses and how they correlate with ESSA and CARES. We offer a total of fourteen "Super Star Online" learning courses, all of them based on the Common Core State Standards. The standard correlations can be found in our Users' Guide and Lesson plans at: Standards.

Effectiveness Studies

Meridian Elementary Meridian Elementary uses Renaissance Learning's STAR Assessments to identify students needing Response to Intervention services.

This year kindergarten students dramatically increased their overall scores compared to last year's kindergarten class. We believe the credit for the increase goes to the Super Star Online program by Help Me 2 Learn.

An independent effectiveness study was conducted by students at Union University to measure the progress of elementary students using our software. From page 33:

Results of dependent t-test indicated that students significantly improved phonic test scores after using the Help Me 2 Learn Phonics game. The average scores for Kindergarten, First, and Second grade students combined were found to significantly increase...from a mean score of 62.21 to 81.07. Similar results were demonstrated for third grade students.

From page 34:

The computer-based Help Me 2 Learn Phonics Game proved very beneficial in increasing academic achievement. In addition to the statistically significant improvements in phonic skills, the program also benefited students by allowing them to monitor their own progress independently, work at their own pace, and increase their vocabulary across the curriculum.

Research at Pine Grove Elementary found that post-test scores improved over pre-test scores by as much as 45 percent after using our products:

Class Pre-test Post-test Points Percent
Class A
(did not use Super Star Programs)
8796 7742 -1054 - 12.0%
Class B
(used Super Star Programs)
8216 11324 + 3108 + 37.8%
Class C
(did not Super Star Programs)
8200 8756 + 556 + 6.8%
Class D
(used Super Star Programs)
3748 5444 + 1696 + 45.2%
Class E
(used Super Star Programs)
8284 10076 + 1792 + 21.6%

A study at the Griffin Foundation School District found Super Star Phonics to be particularly helpful for Special Education and ESL:

The "Super Star Phonics by Help Me 2 Learn" Phonics program is a tutorial program especially effective with Special Education students as well as any student requiring remedial reading assistance...Students that have known reading failures in the past are often difficult to motivate, however through the high interest games and activities of the program students become fully engaged in learning.

A study at the Sorrows Catholic School found Letters and Numbers helpful with Pre-school and Kindergarten children:

After reviewing the pre and post tests for superstar and meeting with the classroom teachers of each student we put in the pilot program we feel there was a definite improvement for all of our students. We were very pleased to say that all of the students will be going on to the next grade when they were originally thought to be retained.

Summary of Results from 1st Grant Report

This is a summary report of the results of the 1st Grant Report which was due in January 2010. The purpose of the grant is to study the effectiveness of building better reading and math skills by promoting parental involvement through the use of Super Star Online.

At Home Use

Now that many schools are closed, online learning software has become even more important than before. Many schools are trying to find ways to make sure that the learning continures while schools are closed. While there are many ways that teachers can continue reaching their students provide them with learning resources, use of Super Star Online can be one of the easiest and most manageable learning resources.

Use of the software is no longer limited to the classroom or computer lab, it can be used almost anywhere there is a computer with a broadband connection to the Internet. This will often mean that the software will be used both at school and at home. At home use significantly extends the time available for using the software as well as allowing parents and family members to be involved with working with the student on his or her assignments. Most students spend about 35 hours a week at school; this means that after subtracting sleep time, they still have about 77 hours a week outside of school. This doesn't account for holidays and other days spent out of school. It is clear that most students could benefit from spending more of this time working on their education.

Besides giving students the opportunity to fill their time with something more beneficial, Super Star Online also allows them to learn at their own pace in a comfortable home environment. It removes some of the time or teacher pressure at school and gives students a chance to both play and learn, to make mistakes and learn from them. At home use gives students new opportunities to work with the team that is supporting them. They are no longer limited by school schedules

Family Literacy

This is an important benefit. Some parents aren't able to help their child as much as they)d like because they lack the requisite skills. These parents or family members can use the software to learn along with the child. Parents with improved literacy skills and good math skills will be more successful and will be better able to help their child.


Educational software no longer needs to be locked up when the school closes its doors. Students don)t have to stop learning when they've turned in their books. Learning should be available to students at all times. Super Star Online provides new opportunities to build a stronger team effort, allowing parents to accept more responsibility for the education of the child, so that his or her success will improve the relationships of all who are involved and make everyone successful.

Help in Applying for Title 1 Grants

  • Title 1, Part A Program - U.S. Department of Education
  • Please contact us at 800-460-7001 if you need any help. We are always happy to help.

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