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Silly Sentences

  • Recommended Grades:

    Kindergarten to 1st grade

  • Categories

    Language Arts

  • Reviews
    • 4 stars of 5 stars


Silly Sentences is a course designed to help students build and understand sentences. This mini course is an expanded version of activities found in our Beginning Reading with Phonics course. These skills are so important that we decided that we needed to give students more practice with these skills.

Program Features

There are three sections:

Learning to Read and Write Sentences Using Pictures: This course begins with an animated story that teaches writing sentences by connecting words to make a complete idea. It also covers capitalizing the first word in a sentence and using puncutation. Our "Learn the Words" activity gives students the opportunity to learn and hear the words that will be used in the following sections. Students see the sentences with pictures and sound to learn the words and the sentences.

Look and Say: The focus of the first set of activities is using pictures and understanding the meaning of the picture as written in a sentence. Students will see a picture and select the correct sentence that goes with the picture.

Sentence Builder: This activity asks students to place words in the correct order to build a sentence. Once the sentence is completed, the sentence is represented by a picture and the sentence to reinforce building sentences by combining words.

  • Designed for kindergarten and first grade students
  • User friendly
  • The Super Star Motivational and Data Tracking system, which encourages students to earn silver and gold stars by completing each activity and story
  • User does not need to know how to read to use the program
  • Appropriate for ESL and Special Needs Education
  • Encourages kids to get excited about learning to read

Topics Covered

  • Connecting words to make a sentence
  • Writing sentences with a complete idea
  • Capitalizing the first word of a sentence
  • Using puctuation to end a sentence
  • Using pictures to learn new words
  • Using pictures to identify the correct sentence
  • Building sentences from words by placing the words in the correct order
  • And much, much more

More Resources (download .pdf)

  • Download the Silly Sentences Product Information Sheet
  • Silly sentences does not have Users' Guide and Lesson Plans

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    • A broadband connection is highly recommended

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