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Tutor For Success

My first initial learning of this great program was approximately eleven years ago. I was obtaining my Master's degree through the University of Michigan (Flint Campus) in Special Education. I was doing some of my professional hours at a summer school program in Linden for students who struggled and they had bought licenses for this program. I could not believe how it helped.

I have been tutoring students since 1999 both gifted, and in special education. I have for over the past half dozen years purchased the program for my own students to help with their deficits.

I still use this program for multiple students with issues from Kindergarten up to 4th grade. It has really helped multiple students and I've had quite a few successes with it. I've tutored some students for ten or more years with starting them on it and they are all 4.0 GPA and graduating this year as well as they have tested out of special education programs.

Tutor For Success
Amy Haaseth-Massey
Professional Teaching Certificate State of Michigan
Bachelor of Science in Education/B.S.E.
Masters Degree Education in Arts of Special Education Learning Disabilities/M.Ed.A. S.E. LD

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