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The Role of Video Games in Activating Young Minds

Several studies now show that video games can play an instrumental role in activating minds. Creators have made it possible for children to learn everything from coding to hand-eye coordination via video games. And thanks to how entertaining and engaging these games are for kids, they naturally gravitate towards them.

Super Star Phonics wants your child to have all the tools necessary to ensure optimal development, so read on to learn how video games can be an important part of the plan.

Making Good Choices

There has been much said in the past about the downfalls of video games and too much screen time. While there are certainly concerns about the content in some games, and you don’t want kids to forsake other positive activities to focus too heavily on gaming, there are plenty of good options out there that can complement, and even enhance, a child’s education and development.

One well-known fact is that video games can also boost children’s moods. For many parents, this is one of the top reasons they become more open to letting children play after a stressful day of remote learning or homeschool. However, it’s important to ensure a good experience for kids, starting with an appropriate internet connection. Lag times and buffering can create frustration more than enjoyment. You can check your internet speed online, and make comparisons with area providers. Similarly, outmoded equipment can drag from data-rich modern games. If your computer is more than a few years old, it might be time for an upgrade. Look to manufacturers’ websites to snag online bargains.

Do you have specific goals for your child? Identifying weak spots can help you determine what games are best choices. Some games are far better than others at achieving specific cognitive benefits, and what games are good options may surprise you.


Educational games may not always be the first choice of children, but there are many educational games that can be as engaging and fun as other games. For example, the courses of Super Star Phonics offer a wide variety of engaging games. Many of the games are sports themed, such as Home Run Derby (baseball), Slam Dunk (basketball), Gold Tower (a maze), and Pet Shop (a simulation game). These games can help develop focus, problem-solving, and memory while helping develop academic skills that will be used in the classroom and throughout life.


Strangely enough, some games not intended for improving focus may achieve this better than those designed for this specific purpose. According to Business Insider, first-person games and fast-paced games tend to strengthen this skill. Highly recommended options include Mario Kart and StarCraft.


Scientists often recommended playing puzzle games. This helps children learn how to solve problems and think logically. Select something like the Super Mario games as opposed to first-person shooter games, which can have the opposite effect.


Solving problems is one thing, but remembering the solutions is quite another. Per ScienceDaily, playing video games has a long-lasting effect on a child’s ability to create and store memories. Scientists behind this study also recommended the Super Mario games.

Legitimate Video Game Concerns for Parents

In spite of the benefits, parents may still feel concerned about how incorporating video games into remote study or homeschool may affect their children. These are valid concerns. You don’t want kids to become overly sedentary, and there are some games that contain imagery and other content that is not appropriate for young people. Yet the concerns don’t end there.

Beyond those commonly held worries, one study found that about 10% of video gamers develop a pathological addiction to the activity. This can cause video games to take center stage ahead of not just schoolwork, but healthy sleep patterns.

Parents also have valid concerns about the types of video games children engage with. Bearing that in mind, parents need to review the rating and content of the games they select, and watch for overly violent games, like Conan Exiles and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition.

When it comes to video games, it’s clear that there are benefits for kids. Weigh your options carefully to find the right choices for your family, and be alert to games and situations that could do more harm than good. The right combination of solutions can enhance your youngster’s development and allow you peace of mind.

Connect with Super Star Phonics for more tips, ideas and advice that can help optimize your child’s learning experience!

by Jenna Sherman

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