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Numbers Mini Courses

  • Recommended Grades:

    Pre-K, Kindergarten, First

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Letters & Numbers has always been one of our most popular courses. Now the numbers section has been seperated and expanded into three mini courses. In the math section of Letters & Numbers, there were 14 stars, in the mini courses there are 34 stars. Each mini course targets specific skills with simple, progressive steps to make learning beginning math engaging, fun, and easy.

While our orginal Letters & Numbers is still available, we now suggest our new mini courses: Letters & Alphabet and Letters & Sounds & Words for the letters skills of the program.

Click her to learn more about: Letters & Alphabet and Letters & Sounds & Words

Common Program Features

The following features are common to our numbers mini courses:
  • The Super Star Motivational and Data Tracking system, encourages students to earn silver and gold stars by completing each song, activity, or game
  • A wide variety of games, activities, songs and speed rounds to keep students entertained and engaged
  • The "Super Star Kids" multi-cultural characters featured in animated lessons
  • color activity print pages (found from the Teacher account)
  • A Users' Guide and Lesson Plans along (found from the Teacher account)
  • Our "Super Star Online" Learning Management System with optional Teacher Features

Skills Covered: Numbers - Number Recognition

  • Recognizing numbers up to 30
  • The order of numbers up to 30

Skills Covered: Numbers - Number Counting

  • Counting up to 10
  • Counting up to 20
  • Counting up to 30
A winner of the Fall 2021 Academics' Choice Smart Media Award
Review Highlights
"Children learn how to count numbers as they sing along to different songs like "Little Skunks", "One Lonely Bird Song", "I Can Count Song" and so many more. There are also fun games that help them learn how to count, such as "How Many Skunks". A number of cute skunks appear on the screen and children have unlimited time to pick the right number they see. For more of a challenge, they can try the speed round for numbers 1-20, picking the next number in the sequence as fast as possible."

Skills Covered: Numbers - Math

  • Adding up to 10
  • Subtraction up to 10
  • Find the Missing Number
  • Compairing Numbers
  • Number Sequence

More Resources (download .pdf)

  • Download the Letters & Numbers Product Information Sheet
  • Download the Letters & Numbers Users' Guide and Lesson Plans

  • One-minute Quick Peek Videos

    Letters & Numbers Screen Shots

    Screen Shots

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    Super Star Online: System Requirements

    • Devices: Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, iPad/iPhone
    • A broadband connection is highly recommended

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