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Super Star Phonics - Language Arts - Spanish - Math - Early Learning

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Super Star Online: engaging educational courses for kids.

Ages 3 to adult.

For more information call us at 800-460-7001 or click on the "For School" or "For Home" sections.

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Super Star Online for Schools

"Your Kids will Love Learning with Super Star." Super Star Online improves student performance with captivating courses that make learning and school more engaging. Courses for PreK to 5th grade include: reading, phonics, language arts, early learning, math, and Spanish. We offer a free 30 day trial.

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Home Edition Programs

If you are looking for help for a struggling or unmotivated student, or if you just want to make sure your kids don't fall behind; our Home and Homeschool courses offer a wonderful combination of educational lessons and games at value prices. We also offer Super Star Online with all of our courses for your entire family. We let you try our software before you buy!

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Super Star Online by Help Me 2 Learn Company

- as of January 2018, Super Star Online is being used by 83 schools, in 21 states and by over 24,000 users

Features and Benefits

1. " Your Kids will Love Learning with Super Star!" We make learning Super Fun! - there is no escaping how much fun students have using our courses. Our kid friendly characters lead the way to an educational adventure with challenging games and activities. Our customers often remark at how much fun students are having while they are playing and learning - and they don't realize they are learning.

2. The Super Star Motivational and Data Tracking System turns our courses into a game within a game. Students and teachers can click on the "Super Star" button to see how many stars they have earned. Once the student has earned enough stars, they can print a Certificate of Achievement showing mastery of the course.

3. Variety - we use a wide variety of multimedia content to meet the learning styles of students with learning needs. This combination of a user centric computer based program filled with sounds, songs, pictures, animations, interactivity, activities and games provides the user with a rich learning environment that appeals to almost every student.

4. Teacher Features - while our courses are appropriate for home and homeschool use, our research-based courses are correlated to the state and common core standards and offer the testing and reporting features that teachers need to help them identify areas of weakness and show student progress.

What are the Results?

1. Proven Effective - having fun is great because students are less resistant to doing something that is educational if it is fun. This leads more and more effective learning. Our songs stick in your head and students can't wait to play our games again. Our studies have proven that our courses improve student's test scores.

2. Cost Effective - we offer a wide variety of buying choices. Our most popular choice is Super Star Online with a basic price of $4 per student per year. Super Star Online is web based and offers the option of access to our courses 24/7 and 365 days a year.

3. Free Trial - we don't ask you to take our word for it. Try one of our free trials to experience the fun and learning that comes from Super Star by Help Me 2 Learn.