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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I reach the Help Me 2 Learn Company for support?

A: We want to help you with your support issues. We are open 9 AM to 7 PM, Pacific time, Monday through Friday. Call 800-460-7001
After hours cell phone: 760-419-7213.
Technical Support:

Q: What is Help Me 2 Learn?

A: Help Me 2 Learn is an award-winning developer of educational software. We create engaging games and lessons for language arts and math. Our software is available both as an on-line subscription (Super Star Online) and as a download for Mac and PC.

Q: What kind of hardware do you need to run the programs?

A: It depends on which version of our courses you are using. Our most popular version is Super Star Online. Super Star Online is our web based version that can run on almost any device that has a Flash enabled browser. However, we now have a few courses (HTML5) that do not require Flash.

Our courses (HTML5) that do not require Flash will run on almost any tablet or phone

Our download versions run on both Windows and the Macintosh. On Windows, our courses will run on Windows 7 to Windows 10. On the Mac, our courses will require Mac OS X.

Q: Can your products be used on a school network?

A: Yes! Our Super Star Online service can host your data, and students can access the software from the school network or from home.

Q: Are there trial versions available?

A: Yes, we have 30-day free of Super Star Online for Schools.

Q: How can the products be ordered?

A: Our products can be ordered ordered online, using the "Buy" button found on each product page. You can also call us at toll free: 800-460-7001 to place an order.

Q: I don't have a credit card. Can I still place an order?

A: Yes, we also accept checks and money orders. Call toll free: 800-460-7001 for more information.

Q: Do you accept Purchase Orders?

A: Yes. If you are from a school or library, we will be happy to accept your Purchase order. Call toll free: 800-460-7001, or FAX to toll free: 888-391-8415. A purchase order form is available in the School section of our site.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We provide a 90-day money back guarantee on all of our products from the date your product arrived in your school or home. Our policy is 100% customer satisfaction. We can afford to stand behind our products because we rarely get any complaints or returns.

Q: I am having trouble with the software I purchased. Where can I get help?

A: Contact Help Me 2 Learn Company at toll free: 800-460-7001, or e-mail We are open 9 AM to 7 PM, Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

Q: Is there any way of keeping track of students' progress in the programs?

A: Yes! We have developed a very successful, effective, but simple student tracking and reward system called our "Super Star System". When a student is doing an activity, we keep track of all right and wrong answers in a display that they can see. When the student completes the activity, they earn a star. The star they earn will be silver if they make some mistakes but complete the activity. The star will be gold when they complete the activity without any mistakes. They can then click on the silver or gold star displayed on that screen to see how many total silver or gold stars they have earned. The idea is that once the student has earned a few stars, they will want to earn a few more, and eventually will want to complete all 25 activities. By completing all activities, the student earns a silver or gold star certificate, which can be printed out. The parent or teacher can go to the Super Star page and check on the progress of the student. Then, the parent or teacher can help the student with those activities in which the student has not yet received a gold star.

Q: Is your product best used in homes, school or home schooling?

A: All of the above. A large portion of our sales are to schools, where our programs are used in the classrooms or in computer labs. Teachers love our products because we have built in so many of the features that they want in a software program, including a student management system that allows them to add and remove student names. A great number of our customers are parents or grandparents who have a child that needs help developing skills in phonics or math. The beauty of the Super Star system is that it's so simple to use and easy to understand that most children can use the program by themselves; of course, the program will be even more effective when the student is helped by an encouraging parent. Our software is also effective for individuals who come from other countries who want to learn to speak English: several of our titles include an option for Spanish-speaking students that enables them to hear the instructions for the activities in Spanish. We even have customers that use our Super Star system for special education classes.

Q: What age range are these programs appropriate for?

A: Our programs cover a variety of age ranges. Letters and Numbers is suitable for younger audiences, from age 2-7, while Language Arts Review 3a and 3b and Games of Math 3 - Multiplication and Games of Math 4 - Division and Fractions are designed for older students, age 11 and up. See our product pages for age ranges for each program.

Q: What guarantee do you offer with your programs?

A: We guarantee that your student will love our programs. We guarantee that our programs will be easy to use and understand. We guarantee that our programs will be effective in helping your student learn language arts and/or math. We guarantee all of our programs for your 100% satisfaction for 90 days or your money back!

If you have a question not listed here, or you would like further information about our products, please send us an e-mail at or call toll free: 800-460-7001.