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Support for Super Star Online 2

Running Flash with Chrome Extension

Some of the Super Star Online courses require Flash to run. We are working on converting our courses the HTML5 so that they can run on almost any device, without Flash. The browsers have made it increasily difficult to run Flash, and now require several steps to launch our Flash courses. We found an extension for the Chrome browser that makes running our courses seemless, it is called: Automated Flash Site Enabler. It is free, unless you want the Pro version. To install the Automated Flash Site Enabler:
1. Open the Chrome browser and go to the Chrome webstore: Chrome webstore
2. Search for: automated flash site enabler -look for green circle with check (Lite)
3. Install by clicking on: Add to Chrome
4. You should see our Url as Url2:* - save
5. Go to your Super Star Online site and open Games of Math 3 (or any of our courses that require Flash - those that do not have the tablet icon in the lower right corner of the course icon) - Note: the free version works fine for our site. If you want to add more than two sites, you may want to try the Pro version.

If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser, it is a little tricky to run Flash. Please follow these instrutions.

Teacher & Admin Resources

Super Star Online now includes a course for teachers and site administrators called Teacher & Admin Resources. This course contains step-by-step instructions explaining the optional teacher features of Super Star Online and movies that also explain those features. It also contains movies to help site administrators add people and assign courses and students to classes. Now, everything that we had on our support web site is in one easy to find place. Click Here to view our Teachers & Admins Resources course (free). User name: teach, password: star

Example Link for Super Star Online

Once you subscribe to Super Star Online, you will be sent link by e-mail (which will be unique to your school) that will look something like this: . The first part of the link is the same for every school, only the end of the link (test) will be unique to your school.

Please note to use HM2L with only the number two and not HM21 with the number twenty-one.

You can also use: may be easier for you to remember.

Download Manuals and Sample Letters - Adobe Acrobat Format

Download Sample Letters - Word document format


The following tutorials are available as movies:

1. Tutorials for Teachers:

2. Tutorials for Site Administrators:

3. Tutorials Parents (and Teachers)

You can find additional tutorials and product demos on our site on YouTube and from our Movie Tutorial page.

Tablets: iPad and Android

Several Super Star Online courses are now available for iPad and Android. Look for the tablet icon on the course icon for those courses.

iPad: How do I get sound back on my iPad?
Using the iPad's side switch settings to bring back the sound in...

Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble accessing the courseware, here are some things to check: /p>

  1. It might be possible that your IP address is blocked by our server. There have been a rash of attacks on web sites around the world and our ISP has been a little more aggressive at protecting us. Send us the IP address (you might need to talk to your tech department to get your IP address) of your school and we will check to see if it is blocked.
  2. If your school network is running a content filter such as WebSense, be sure that all servers in the "" domain (* are unblocked. You can use our Test Page to make sure that you can access our media file server in particular. If you do not see a "Test Successful" message when clicking the link, your network may be blocking our site. To unblock our IP address, use IP:
  3. Click on the link below to go to our test site. Change the word "test/login" at the end of the link to the unique identifier that was given to your school. Note: a common mistake is to use hm21 (using the number 21, instead of HM2L).
  4. Flash not detected: If you have a new computer or have recently upgraded your browser, you may have trouble running our courses because your browser might not have Flash enabled or our site might not detect that you have a browser that supports Flash. The following link may help you enable Flash: Flash Player Help - see item 4. Enable Flash Player in your browser
  5. Enabling Flash from G-Suite for Education console:
    • Open admin Google console
    • Devices
    • Chrome management
    • User Settings
    • Select the organization
    • Scroll down to Content
    • Plug-ins
    • Add [*.]
    • Save
  6. If you are using Internet Explorer and the titles/courses won't load or you just get a black screen: click on Tools on the menu bar of Internet Explorer (or you can click on the Tools icon in the upper right hand corner), click on Internet Options, click on the Advanced Tab, under Reset Internet Explorer settings, click on the Reset button. Click on Apply and OK. Close Internet Explorer and then restart Internet Explorer and Super Star Online.
  7. Try a different browser. We have noticed some issues with Internet Explorer 7. Upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or one of the recommended browsers.