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Computer lab or network

Super Star Online is most often used in computer labs.

Classroom (class activity or lessons)

Super Star Online comes with a Users' Guide and Lesson Plans. We believe that our courses can be the most effective when used with the guidance of a teacher (classroom or computer lab). Our guide gives step-by-step instructions and suggestions for using our programs. Our programs are especially well suited for electronic whiteboard presentations and classroom game playing. Our experience is that students become very excited and don't realize that they are learning. Some of our games are so exciting that we recommend that they only be used in the last hour of class.
You can download our Users' Guide and Lesson Plans for each of our courses at: Standards.

Classroom (independent study)

Teachers often need to let individual students or groups of students work alone while the teacher works with other students who need help. Our programs are so easy to use that students typically need very little help, and the programs are so engaging that students love using them. Teachers can then track the progress of the student through our "Super Star" or "Gold Medal" data tracking and motivational system. Teachers can also view or print a student or class progress report through our Student Management System.

ELL (English Language Learners)

Learning the English language is not always easy. Our programs speed the acquisition of the English language through a wide variety of activities. One of the most helpful is our "Learn the Words" activities, which help students hear and see how words are formed. Students can work at their own pace, and our programs are full of audio and visual media that reinforce the learning and make words come alive.

ESL (English as a Second Language for Spanish)

We offer two great ways to help Spanish-speaking students learn English. Our Spanish 1a with Phonics / Inglés 1a con Fonética is a fully bilingual program that teaches many of the fundamentals of the English Language. Spanish instructions are also available for Letters & Numbers, Phonics 1a, Phonics 1b, and Phonics 2a.

Special needs students

Our programs are used widely and very successfully by Special Needs instructors. Our easy-to-use features, clear and lively instruction, self-paced "Learn the Words" activities, and "Super Star" motivational and data tracking system are just some of the features that make our programs appropriate and effective for Special Needs students.

Spanish as a Foreign Language

We offer one of the very best courses available in the market for beginning Spanish. Our Spanish 1a with Phonics / Inglés 1a con Fonética starts at the beginning with the names of the letters of the Spanish alphabet, then the sounds of the letters, the names of the numbers to 20, colors, days of the week, animals, common greetings, accents, connector words, the ocean, the weather, and more. The "Learn the Words" activities show a picture of the word, the word itself, and the sounds that make up the word.

After-school programs

Our software is exceptional for after-school programs when computers are available. Our easy-to-use features, exciting games and educational value complement almost any after-school program.

Remedial study

Our programs are a great tool to help struggling students catch up. Our songs, animated lessons, "Learn the Words" activities, Speed Rounds and games all work together to provide a different look to basic language concepts. Our programs are engaging and bring life to learning. We often break through the learning barrier when other methods have failed.

Differentiated instruction

When teachers need to give special attention to students, our programs can help. Our programs can be used to provide independent study for some students while the teacher works with the students that need extra help, or the teacher can use our programs to work with the students who need the help.

At-risk instruction

For all the reasons listed above, our programs can provide motivation and extra help for students who are reading below grade level. We have four programs that feature our "young adult characters" that are particularly appropriate for at-risk students in middle school or lower high school. Our Language Arts Review 3a and Language Arts Review 3b are particularly valuable for older students who are not motivated to learn to read. Our Games of Math 3 - Multiplication and Games of Math 4 - Division and Fractions are great for improving math skills.