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Simple, Fun & Lasting: Simple to use and makes learning simple. Fun and very enjoyable. Games and songs make learning easy and lasting.

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Super Star Online for Schools

Super Star Online for Schools

Super Star Online: We suggest that you include a subscription to Super Star Online one of your strategies for preparing for the this school year and when applying for funds. Super Star Online is a powerful and effective personalized learning system consisting of fifteen, phonics, early learning, language arts, and math courses for grades Pre-K to 5. Our courses are designed to be easy-to-use, engaging, and fun. We use a wide variety of songs, games, and interactive activities wrapped with our "Super Star Motivational and Tracking System" to track and report student achievement. A unique feature of our phonics courses is our "Learn the Words" interactive activities that help speed language development by showing a picture of the word, the word with the sound of the word, and the sounds that make the word in Elkonin boxes.

"Your Kids will love learning with Super Star!"

"Learn the Words" our Phonics Approach to Teaching Reading and Word Analysis

A unique and effective feature of our phonics and language arts courses is our "Learn the Words" activiies. Our courses feature over 1000 "Learn the Words", making learning new words fun and easy. We offer software that uses a phonics approach to learning to read using phonemes and whole words. Our software makes learning fun, interactive, and engaging.

Above is a one word example of our "Learn the Words" activity that shows one way we teach phonics sounds and word recoginition, along with pictures of the words. This phonics approach makes learning new words easy and demonstrates how words are formed from sounds. Click on "Play" and then mouse over the word and the sounds.

"Your Kids will Love Learning with Super Star."
  • Super Star Online improves student performance with engaging courses that make learning and school more engaging
  • Super Star Online is our web-based subscription service for 15 interactive courses for grades Pre-K to 5
  • Super Star Online courses cover: early learning, phonics, reading, math, Spanish, and language arts
  • Super Star Online courses are user-friendly and self-paced, featuring a wide variety of games, songs, and actvities
  • Super Star Online courses feature the "Super Star Motivational and Tracking System", which motivates students to complete their lessons and earn their stars. You can be a "Super Star!"

Video Tour of Super Star Online
  • Delightful educational songs that will help your child remember letters and sounds
  • Exciting games and activities that build reading, phonics and math skills while your child has fun
  • Unique "Learn the Words" activities with speed rounds to build vocabulary and reading fluency
  • Wonderful interactive stories that allow your child to create their own stories

Resources: We offer the following resources when considering a subscrption:

  • Free Subscription: We offer a free 60-day subscription to Super Star online for your entire school. To request a free subscription send your e-mail request to: Free Subscription Request for School or call 800-460-7001. We will usually setup the free subscription within one day. If you only want to preview our courses, use the Preview of Courses above. This subscription involves setting up accounts for your students. We will be happy to help or import your students for you.

    More information about setting up Super Star Online for a school, is available at: School Closures.


Yearly Pricing: $5 per user (students and teachers), per year (25 users minimum)

We offer upfront and affordable pricing. We accept purchase orders and credit card payments. Call 800-460-7001 for a no obligation quote, buy online below, or request a written quote: Request for a quote for Super Star Online for my school .

Subscriptions for large schools are available for $4000 per year. Call for district pricing. Subscriptions for schools and districts using Clever are also available.

Super Star Online with Clever. We now offer the option of adding Clever to your Super Star Online subscription. Clever offers Single sign-on and Secure Sync (automatic rostering). Clever makes managing and using several applications much easier. There is no cost to districts or schools to use Clever and the option to use Clever is included in your Super Star Online subscription. Because Clever is often used at the district level, districts should contact us for district pricing. We offer district pricing depending on the size the size of the district and how many elementary schools in the district are included.

To view us in the Clever app gallery, go to: Clever Application Gallery. If you are already using Clever and want to sign up for a free trial of Super Star Online, click on Free Trial with Clever.

Super Star Online (for Schools): $5 per user (students and teachers), per year (25 users minimum)

  • When ordering online, after you click on Add to Cart, update the quantity to include all the users in the subscription.
  • All of our courses are included in any subscription
  • Shipping none (by email)
  • call 800-460-7001 for a written quote

Home or Home School Users go to: Super Star Phonics offers a free trial of our self-managed Super Star Online courses. Bundle prices from $4.95 to $9.95 per month.

The following courses are included in any subscription to Super Star Online:

Many of the browsers plan to discontinue supporting Flash after December 2020. We have been busy converting our online courses to HTML5, so that they will not need Flash. The following courses do not need Flash and can be used on almost any device (almost any computer, iPad, iPhone, Android):

The following course is expected to be converted to HTML5 by the end of December 2020:

The following courses require Flash:

Teachers & Admin Resources

Super Star Online now includes a course for teachers and site administrators called Teacher & Admin Resources. This course contains step-by-step instructions explaining the optional teacher features of Super Star Online and movies that also explain those features. It also contains movies to help site administrators add people and assign courses and students to classes. Now, everything that we had on our support web site is in one easy to find place. Bonus - now includes Super Star Movies (limited time preview). Click Here to view our Teachers & Admins Resources course (free). User name: teach, password: star

System Requirements for Super Star Online

A broadband Internet connection is strongly recommended.

Operating System PC: Windows 10, 7 or any
Mac: Mac OS X (any)
Many of our courses can be used on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device
Web Browser PC: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer
Mac: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox
Adobe Flash Player Flash Player (free) required for some courses (see above)

Free Super Star Online app for Windows 7 and Windows 10

Download our free Super Star Online app for Windows 7 or Windows 10:
Click Here to download Super Star Online app for Windows
This app is intended primaily for those who already have a paid subscription to Super Star Online. An Internet connection is required. This tool will make it easier for you and your students to log into your Super Star Online subscription.

About the Super Star Online service and the "Super Star Strategy for Success"

Our Super Star Online service is available to schools and other academic institutions. It is usually an annual subscription service, based around the school year (we recently added monthly pricing).The Online service provides web-based access to our courses, which students can access from school or from home (or anywhere there is a broadband Internet connection). We host the data for you, so there is no need to run your own network server. As we make improvements to our software over time, subscribers to our Online service will automatically gain the enhanced functionality.The "Super Star Stategy for Success" is a strategy to build a team to insure the success of the student. The team includes: the school, the teacher, the student and the parents all working together and using Super Star Online as the primary tool to give the student extra support to insure success. Super Star Online provides a unique opportunity to build this team more effectively and allows all members of the team to track the progress of the student at any time. For more information about the "Super Star Stategy for Success" go to: "Super Star Stategy for Success"

Key Advantages

The Super Star Online service offers several advantages:

  • Upfront Pricing - We offer competitive pricing that is a great value. You don't have to contact us or a sales rep to find our pricing. Our simplified pricing is based on the number of users per year and all of our courses are included in any subscription. We will be happy to provide you with a written quote. Just let us know the name of your school and how many users need to be included on the quote.
  • School and Home Use - Students have access to the software anywhere they have access to the Internet. Many schools have days that are very full, and they just don't have time to let students access the software as much as they would like. With the Super Star Online service, students with a broadband connection can work in our courses at home and take as much time as they need to complete the lessons.
  • Family Literacy - Some students come from families that aren't native English speakers. These families will have an opportunity to learn English, phonics and reading, along with their child.
  • Ease of Administration - Using our Online service makes it easier for the school's IT department. They don't have to maintain a server, they don't have to worry about permissions for network shares, and they don't have to manage product and upgrade installations across a multitude of workstations. The Super Star Online service supports most modern operating systems and web browsers, and it allows complete administration of courses and students from any location.
  • Easy Student Management - Each student has a single login, and the student's progress in all courses and classes is tracked with that login. Students can be moved between classes and keep their progress and high scores.
  • Quick Updates - When we make improvements to our course titles, the updates will be available to all students as soon as we make them. You don't have to be concerned with which version you have or if you need to upgrade, and your subscription gets more valuable over time as we add features.
  • Quick Delivery - Once we receive your purchase order, we can get you online in a matter of hours (subject to hours of business).
  • Compliance with California Law, Assembly Bill 1584 - We have very specific requirements for our web based online delivery system: Super Star Online and compliance with California Law, Assembly Bill 1584. Please download our statement of compliance: Super Star Online by the Help Me 2 Learn Company Student Records Privacy Procedures and Compliance with California Law, Assembly Bill 1584 . If you require a Technology Services Agreement, please contact us at 800-460-7001 FREE.

    Please contact us at 800-460-7001 or at: if you need any help. We are always happy to help.