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School Closures

Using Super Star Online for Schools that are Temporarily Closed due to the Coronavirs (COVID-19)

The following page outlines information for schools that will be using Super Star Online while the school is temporarily closed.

First Step: Obtain a free online subscription to Super Star Online from the Help Me 2 Learn Company

We now offer a free 60-day subscription to Super Star Online for schools and a 30-day free subscription to parents. The free subscription for schools can be used for a class or for the entire PreK to 5 grades. The subscription for parents (home subscription) can be used by the entire family. This is a limited time offer with no obligation.

If you are not familiar with Super Star Online, here is a free preview of our courses: click on Free Course Preview to view and try our courses. User name: super, password: star. This is an open preview of our courses.

Free Subscription: We offer a free 60-day subscription to Super Star online for your entire school. To request a free subscription send your e-mail request to: Free Subscription Request for School or call 800-460-7001. We will usually setup the free subscription within one day. If you only want to preview our courses, use the Preview of Courses above. This subscription involves setting up accounts for your students. We will be happy to help or import your students for you.
More information about setting up Super Star Online for a school, is available at: School Closures.

Home or Home School Users go to: Super Star Phonics offers a 30-day free trial of our self-managed Super Star Online courses.

Second Step: Setup

Once your request has been received, you will receive an e-mail with setup information about your site (please watch your spam folder as many of our emails go to spam). Super Star Online is designed so the each student and teacher has an individual account. Based on your needs, you have the following options for setup of Super Star Online:

  • Traditional Setup: student and teacher accounts can be created by importing a .CSV file into Super Star Online. The .CSV file will contain the names of the users, their user name, their password, the name of their class, and the grade of the user (optional). The school can do the import or the school can create a file and send it to us to do the import. Once the import is completed, the courses need to be assigned to the classes. If the grades are included in the import file, this can easily be completed by assigning the appropriate courses by grade.
  • Setup by Clever: If the school uses Clever, then the setup can be completed by using the Clever Secure Sync.
  • Setup by Teachers: In this case, the school site administrator would create teacher accounts. The site administrator could add the student accounts or the teacher could add student account for the class. The teacher would assign the appropriate courses the class.
  • Generic Setup The school can opt for a generic setup. In this case we import generic accounts substituting numbers for the names of the students and using numbers for the login. The school could then assign the students a number for a login or let the users pick a number for their login. This is the easiest path for the school but the least personalized. Students like to see their name on the Super Star page of the courses. Teachers could always go back and edit the names later.

Third Step: Distribution

The Super Star Online URL (link), user name, and password must be distributed to the teachers, parents, and students.

  • Teachers: Each school will have its own method of distributing to teachers. The site administrator can sign-in to Super Star Online, click on People, Export People. This will give the site administrator a digital file that they can use to help distribute the class information to the teachers. However, this file will not contain the passwords. The site adminstrator can add the passwords to the file or communicate them another way.
  • Clever: If the school uses Clever, students will sign in from the Clever web site at: or they can use their Clever badges.
  • Letter to Parents: It is recommended that the school or teacher send a letter home to the parents. We offer a sample letter to parents at: It is recommended that you use, using capital letters for HM2L as lowercase letters might be confused for 21 instead of 2L. Modify the letter our sample letter as needed. It is available in English and Spanish.
  • School Website: Schools will typically post the link and information about Super Star Online on their school web site.

Fourth Step: Apply for Funding

Once you are satisfield that Super Star Online is a suitable and effective program for your school, apply for funding. You can consider applying for the emergency relief funds available from the $13.2 Billion in Emergency Coronavirus Relief to Support Continued Education for K-12 Students. Please read the release from the Department of Education site at: Federal Funds for K-12. The deadline for applying for these funds is July 1, 2020. We will be happy to provide you with a written quote: Request for a quote for Super Star Online for my school

Follow Up

It is recommended that teachers (or the site administrator) monitor the progress of the students on a regular basis. Teachers can view the class reports from the Reports button on their console or they can view the class and individual details reports from the Teachers and Admins button of each course.

Please contact us at 800-460-7001 if you need any help. We are always happy to help.