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Games of Math 4

Ages 6 and up

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System Requirements:

Windows 10 / 7
sound card, mouse

credit cards

Games of Math 4 - Division and Fractions

by Help Me 2 Learn

Practicing division and fractions has never been so engaging and so much fun! Students begin at the appropriate level: beginning, intermediate or advanced. There are two practice sections to review specific division and fraction problems. Then the student builds math skills while playing challenging games such as car racing, hurdles, newspaper delivery, motocross, karate, and a game show. Each of these games features 11 levels of play. Complete each level to earn the gold star certificate!

Topics Covered:

  • Simple Division
  • Long Division with Remainders
  • Division Word Problems
  • Divisors from 1 to 12 and quotients from 1 to 12
  • Simplifying Fractions
  • Solving Mixed Fractions
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Adding Fractions

Program Features:

  • Designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced students
  • Exciting graphics and animations provide feedback and interactivity
  • Practice section allows the student to choose the problems they want to work on and print a report with those problems they miss
  • Features the Super Star Motivational and Data Tracking system

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Home Edition $14.95
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Student Edition $19.95
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