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"Be a Super Star"

Simple, Fun & Lasting: Simple to use and makes learning simple. Fun and very enjoyable. Games and songs make learning easy and lasting.

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Help Me 2 Learn is an award-winning developer of educational software. We create engaging games and lessons for language arts, math and Spanish.

Simple, Fun, and Lasting

These three words describe the fundamental principles of our software that set us apart.

Simple Our programs are easy to use and easy to navigate. We break learning down into easy to understand concepts.
Fun The biggest difference between our products and many other phonics and math programs is that most students love our programs and don't need to be forced to study. Learning is so much easier when it is fun. Education is always first with us, but we try to make our programs as much fun as possible, with music and fantastic games that get the students involved.
Lasting Games and fun are all good, but learning has to be lasting. We accomplish this by giving the student a comprehensive program with a wide variety of games, songs, presentations and much more. With so many different ways of learning and playing, students don't get easily bored, and they want to use our programs over and over.

Product Editions

Our products come in various editions, each with different features and prices. Whether you're looking for a CD-ROM for home or looking for an on-line system that tracks student progress across an entire school, there's an edition that's right for you.

Online Edition

Super Star Online for school:

As of January 2015 our web based Super Star Online for school is being used in 85 schools, in 19 states and by over 26,000 students.

Instead of having to run your own server, we can host the data and programs for you, and students can access the programs from a web browser. In addition to the convenience, the Super Star Online service offers the following:

Super Star Online is also available for home and homeschool use.

Home Edition

Available on CD-ROM or as a download. This is our basic, full-featured program with all lessons, games, and speed rounds included. Basic data tracking is included for multiple students at home.

Student Edition

Available on CD-ROM or as a download. Includes all the features of the Home Edition, plus:

School Edition

Includes all the features of the Student Edition, plus:

Teacher (2) Edition

Includes all the features of the School Edition, plus:

Lab, Site, and Network Editions

Includes all the features of the School Edition, plus:


We now have two apps available on the Apple app store and one Android app available on the Google Play Store or Amazon.