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"Be a Super Star"

Simple, Fun & Lasting: Simple to use and makes learning simple. Fun and very enjoyable. Games and songs make learning easy and lasting.

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Support is available by e-mailing or by calling 800-460-7001 7 AM to 5 PM, Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

While our products are generally trouble-free, the following are some known issues that you may want to review before calling tech support.

  1. Super Star Online
    For troubleshooting Super Star Online go to: Super Star Online - Having Trouble
  2. Updates for Network version 6 and 6.5 products
    A patch is available for the Network version 6 and 6.5. Go to Support Network Updates
  3. Unable to open file on Network version 5
    If you get an error message saying, "Unable to open file 'net-start.dxr' because it is already open with write permission by another user," set the file "net-start.dxr" to read-only.
  4. Other sound problems
    There are no known sound problems with any of the current versions of the Help Me 2 Learn Company products. If you can't hear any sound, check the settings on your computer.