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Support is available by e-mailing or by calling 800-460-7001 7 AM to 5 PM, Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

Updates for Network version 6 and version 6.5 products
An update is available for the Network version 6 and version 6.5. Please download the update, unzip, and then copy the files and paste them over the same files in the appropriate course folders. If you installed the program files on the client computers, you will also need to replace them there.

  1. Please do not use any of these patches with version 5 or below.

  2. - Spanish Instructions
    - Mac Server (place these files in the (system)Library/Preferences folder)
    note: we have noticed some problems with permissions in Lion whereby access is denied to the (system)Library/Preferences folder. Download these two files and place them in the (system)Library/Preferences folder if he server will not start. Note: you must update the IP address of the com.helpme2learn.superstar.client.conf file.
    - HelpMe2Learn.swf (unzip and place this file in the courses folder - required for update to Games of Math 1)
    - SuperStarAdmin (Windows - unzip and replace current SuperStarAdmin.exe)
    - SuperStarStudent (Windows - unzip and replace current SuperStarStudent.exe)