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Network Instructions

Download Manuals Version 6.5

The following manuals are available for download in PDF format:

Download Manuals Version 6

The following manuals are available for download in PDF format:

Server Requirements

The Super Star Network product requires that a machine be set up to act as a server. This machine will hold all of the student data. It may optionally be set up to serve all of the courseware files as well, if you do not want to install the courseware on each individual workstation.

The server machine will run the Super Star Data Server software on it (included on each disc in the Network product) to communicate with the client workstations. The server machine should have its own static IP address.

The same server can be used for both Mac and PC clients.

PC System Requirements:

Mac System Requirements:

Note: Currently we do not support Novell servers. We are working on a solution for this. For the time being, consider using a Windows or Mac workstation as the server, or contact us regarding the older version 5 of our Network edition.

Client Requirements

Clients can be set up to use the server only for data (accessing the courseware from their own hard drives), or they can be set up to retrieve courseware from the server as well. The advantages to accessing the courseware locally are improved load times, reduced load on the network, and reduced load on the server. The advantage to retrieving the courseware from the server is that updates to the courses (or new courses) can be installed in one place and the clients will automatically get the changes.

PC System Requirements:

Mac System Requirements:

For older systems, we still offer version 5 of our Network edition, which has lower system requirements. Please call or e-mail us for details.

About Version 6.5

Version 6.5 is a minor upgrade over our version 6. Some of the major features are:

About Version 6

Version 6 of our Network edition is a significant upgrade over the previous version 5. Some of the major features are:

If you are considering upgrading from version 5, be aware of the following:

Beginning the School Year

When beginning the new school year, in most cases, you will want to clear out the data from the previous year. Here are the steps to do that: