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Teacher & Admins Resources

Teacher & Admins Resources

Only available with a subscription to
Super Star Online
not available on CD-ROM

Does not require a Flash supported browser

Windows 10 / 8 / 7 (32/64) / XP
300 MHz or faster processor
64 MB RAM or higher
CD-ROM drive, sound card, mouse

Mac OS X version 10.3 to 10.10 (and up)
500 MHz or faster processor
128 MB RAM or higher
CD-ROM drive, sound card, mouse

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Teacher & Admins Resources

by Help Me 2 Learn

Teacher & Admins Resources is an online (Super Star Online) one stop recource to help teachers and site administrators learn about the Super Star Online courses and the optional management features that are available to them.

The Site Administrator section contains:

  • The Site Administrors Guide (pdf)
  • The Site Administrors Overview (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Adding People, Creating Class and Assigning Course and People to a Class (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Simple Import and Assigning Courses to Classes (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Additional Import Features and Fixing Import Problems (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Import for New School Year and Managing People and Classes (step-by-step movie tutorial)

Teachers: Getting Started with Super Star Online section contains:

  • Class, Student and Course Setup (pdf) & (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Becoming Familiar with the Courses (pdf) & (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Getting Students Started (pdf) & (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Whole Class Lesson Presentations (pdf) & (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Interactive Classroom Presentation (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Individual Study on Classroom Computers or Devices or in Activity Centers (pdf)
  • At Home use Coordinated by the Teacher with Parental Involvement (pdf)

Management Features section contains:

  • Student Management (pdf) & (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Class & Test Reports (pdf) & (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Class & Student Settings (pdf) & (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Test Locks & Features (pdf) & (step-by-step movie tutorial)

Course Product Tours section contains:

  • Recommended Courses by Grade (pdf)
  • Product Tours for each of the courses (movie tutorial)

Course Flyers section contains:

  • Common Greade Levels for Courses (pdf)
  • Product Flyers for each of the courses(pdf)

Users' Guide & Lesson Plans section contains:

  • Users' Guide & Lesson Plans for Courses (pdf)

Parent Involement:

  • Parent Involvement (pdf) & (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Parent Mode Tutorial (pdf) & (step-by-step movie tutorial)
  • Preparing a Letter to Parents (pdf))
  • Suggested Letter to Parents (pdf)
  • Suggested Letter to Parents - short (pdf)
  • Suggested Letter to Parents - Spanish (pdf)

Trouble Shooting:

  • General Trouble Shooting (pdf)
  • Enabling Flash in the Chrom Browser (step-by-step movie tutorial)

You Tube Video

Try our Teacher & Admin Resources course (free). Now, everything that we had on our support web site is in one easy to find place. Click Here to view our Teachers & Admins Resources course (free). User name: teach, password: star