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Super Star Movies

Super Star Movies

Only available with a subscription to
Super Star Online
not available on CD-ROM

Does not require a Flash supported browser

Windows 10 / 8 / 7 (32/64) / XP
300 MHz or faster processor
64 MB RAM or higher
CD-ROM drive, sound card, mouse

Mac OS X version 10.3 to 10.10 (and up)
500 MHz or faster processor
128 MB RAM or higher
CD-ROM drive, sound card, mouse

Chromebook - Super Star Online:
any browser

iPad/iPhone - Super Star Online:
use Firefox or any browser

Android - Super Star Online:
Use Chrome or any browser. Download our free app Adroid app

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Or by purchase order

Super Star Movies

by Help Me 2 Learn

Super Star Movies is designed for classroom teachers who have technology in their classroom and can project movies, songs or lesson presentations to their class from a computer or device. Teachers can also assign our movies to their class so that the movies can be used by students at home from almost any device.

Super Star Movies contains:

  • The animated songs from our courses
  • Our animated language arts lessons presentations as movies (without the interactivity)
  • Our aminmated math lesson presentations as movies (these explanitions of match concepts are often missed in our math courses)
  • Teachers or users can select one movie or several movies to play in any sequence
  • There are over 150 movies and over 7 hours of play
  • A Flash browser is not required, so these movies can be played on almost any device

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Try our Super Star Movies (free). Click Here to view our Super Star Movies course (free). User name: movie, password: star