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How To Order

This page explains the options for ordering for schools or other academic institutions. If you are interested in ordering for home or home school, please visit our How to Order page for Home.

See the Overview page for a description of each of our available product editions.

Purchase Order Worksheet for Super Star Online service

This purchase order worksheet lists all of the courses available on the Super Star Online service. You can use it to create a purchase order, or you can simply use it for pricing.

Download the Online Pricing Worksheet or
Download the Online Product Catalog or
Top 10 Features and Benefits of Super Star Online

Purchase Order Worksheet for CD-ROM/Network Editions

Our purchase order worksheet has a listing of all of our CD-ROM/Network products and the prices for each configuration. It also contains the prices for all of our bundles. You can use this form to create a purchase order, or you can simply use it for pricing.

Note: Call us if you would like to make substitutions, such as substituting Language Arts Review 3a and 3b for Phonics 3a and 3b, or adding Games of Math 3 or 4.

Download the CD-ROM/Network Worksheet

Ordering On-line

Our CD-ROM/Network editions can be ordered on-line using a credit card. You can find buttons to purchase our software on each of our product pages.


If you are interested in more than one title, be sure to visit our School Specials page, where we offer bundles of our titles at a discounted price.

Don't see the bundle you want? Give us a call at 800-460-7001 and we will customize any bundle.

Ordering by Phone

If you would rather order by phone, call us at 800-460-7001, 7 AM to 5 PM, Pacific time, Monday through Friday. We'll be happy to take your purchase order or answer any questions you might have.

You can also FAX orders to us at toll free: 888-391-8415.

Ordering by mail

School purchase orders can be mailed to us at:

Help Me 2 Learn Company
PO Box 729
San Luis Rey, CA 92068

We have a standard shipping and handling rate of $8.50 for all school orders. In California, please add 7.75% for sales tax.

Please call 800-460-7001 if you have any questions or need our tax ID number.

Our money-back guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction, 90-day money back guarantee on all of our products, including the download.

When we say 100% satisfaction, we mean it. If your child doesn't like the product, doesn't use the product, finds that it is too easy, finds that it is too hard, doesn't learn from the product, doesn't do better in school -- if for any reason you are not satisfied, just call or e-mail us to return the product with as much information as you can about the purchase. (Note that we do not normally refund shipping charges.)

Over the years, we have had very few returns. We find that our customers are very satisfied with our products.