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Super Star Online - Standard is our web-based delivery system for all Super Star by Help Me 2 Learn courses.
Super Star Online - Standard is a subscription service and all of our courses are now included in any subscription to Super Star Online.
As of January 2016, Super Star Online is being used by 85 schools, in 19 states and by over 26,000 users

Pricing: $4 per user, per year (25 users minimum)

Schools usually purchase by purchase order. Call 800-460-7001 for a no oblicgation quote or buy online below. To purchase online, click on the Add to Cart button, update the quanity to the number of users included in the purchase (25 minimum).

Super Star Online - Standard (for Schools): $4 per user, per year (25 users minimum)

When ordering online, after you click on Add to Cart, update the quanity to include all the users in the subscription.
All of our courses are included in any subscription.
Shipping none (by email).
Call 800-460-7001 for a written quote.

Super Star Online - Pro is our performance and results driven package with professional development and monitoring features: Super Star Online - Pro
Home users go to: Super Star Online for Home

The following courses are included in any subscription to Super Star Online - Standard:

System Requirements

The Super Star Online service provides highly interactive games and activities that make use of modern web browser features. We support the most common desktop operating systems and web browsers with the Flash Player. We also support tablets with a Flash browser (iPads need the Virtual Chrome app, Android needs Flash Fox Pro ).

A broadband Internet connection is strongly recommended.

  Minimum Recommended
Operating System PC: Windows XP
Mac: Mac OS X v10.3
iPad: VirtualChrome app, Photon app or other Flash Browser
Android: 3x and later requires Flash Fox Pro app or other Flash Browser
PC: Windows 10, 8, 7 or XP Mac: Mac OS X v10.4 to v10.10
iPad: VirtualChrome app Flash Browser
Android: Flash Fox Pro app Flash Browser
Web Browser PC: Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 6 SP1 or Chrome
Mac: Firefox 2, Safari 1.3 or Chrome
PC: Safari 3.1+, Firefox 2+, Internet Explorer 7+ or Chrome
Mac: Safari 3.1+, Firefox 2+ or Chrome
Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher (free download from

Pricing for Schools

Subscriptions are sold on an annual basis at the price of $4 per seat (user).
- The minimum subscription is 25 subscribed users.
- Subscriptions can be either for a full year, multi-year, or for a partial year.
- The Annual Subscription time frame is usually July 1 to June 30.
- The price for large schools of 1000 users or more is $4000.
- Subscriptions purchased after December 1 may be prorated 25% off.
- Call for District pricing.
- We offer a free 30 day trial for schools.
- Click Here for our pricing Purchase order worksheet

Pricing for Homes/Families

Subscriptions are sold on a monthly basis at the price of $9.95 per family.
- Subscriptions are also sold on a yearly basis at the price of $99.95 per family.
- We offer a free 10 day trial for homes/families

We also offer special upgrade pricing for customers who have an existing Site 30 or Unlimited Site/Network edition. Call 800-460-7001 for more details.

About the Super Star Online service and the "Super Star Strategy for Success"

Our Super Star Online service is available to schools and other academic institutions. It is usually an annual subscription service, based around the school year (July 1st through June 30th).The Online service provides web-based access to our courses, which students can access from school or from home (or anywhere there is a broadband Internet connection). We host the data for you, so there is no need to run your own network server. As we make improvements to our software over time, subscribers to our Online service will automatically gain the enhanced functionality.The "Super Star Stategy for Success" is a strategy to build a team to insure the success of the student. The team includes: the school, the teacher, the student and the parents all working together and using Super Star Online as the primary tool to give the student extra support to insure success. Super Star Online provides a unique opportunity to build this team more effectively and allows all members of the team to track the progress of the student at any time. For more information about the "Super Star Stategy for Success" go to: "Super Star Stategy for Success" We offer a free 30-day trial for schools that includes student accounts as well. See our Free Trial page for details.

Key Advantages

The Super Star Online service offers several advantages over our CD-ROM/Network products: