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Simple, Fun & Lasting: Simple to use and makes learning simple. Fun and very enjoyable. Games and songs make learning easy and lasting.

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Our programs our based on scientific reading research, and they have proven to be effective in real-world studies. See our Research page for more details.

Pre-test and Post-test assessments

Our School, Lab, Site, Network, and Online editions all come with our assessment program. This pre-test and post-test program allows teachers to measure the progress of each student and report that progress.

Data tracking and motivational system

Our Super Star and Gold Medal motivational and data tracking systems reward students for completing each task in the program.

Each of our Super Star series programs features the Super Star Data Tracking and motivational system. With this system, students earn "stars" each time they complete a song, game, activity or animated lesson. If they make any mistakes while completing the activity, they will earn a silver star. If they complete the activity without any mistakes, they earn the gold star. Students and teachers can click on the "Super Star" button to see how many stars the student has earned. Once they have earned enough silver stars, students can print a Silver Star Certificate of Achievement. When all activities have been completed to the gold star level, students can print a Gold Star Certificate of Achievement.

Our advanced programs feature our Gold Medal Data Tracking and Motivational System. With this system, students earn gold, silver, and bronze medals for completing each of the games. Students also earn a Certificate of Completion for each Coach Time, as well as a Speed Round score. Students and teachers can use the Progress page to quickly track the progress of the student.

Summary and detailed progress reports

Our reporting features allow the teacher to track the progress of each student and print a report that shows a summary of the class, as well as detailed reports for each student, for both the assessment programs and the instructional programs. For more information about our data tracking system, download our Super Star Data report.

Student management feature controls

Our Student Management system (found in the Teachers' and Parents' section of our programs) allows teachers to set controls on the program. Students can be prevented from printing, exiting, adding/changing names, and more.

Program and Class Manager

Our Lab, Site, and Network editions are simple to install and set up. We include a Program and Class Manager that allows the administrator to add class folders to the programs, so that the names of the students can be maintained by classes or groups. These classes can be copied into any of our other programs, so that administrators don't need to retype all of the names of the students. All of our programs and all of the classes can then be launched from the Student version of our Program and Class Manager.

User guide and lesson plans

Our School, Lab, Site, and Network editions all include a user guide and lesson plans. The printed version comes in a three-ring binder with about 100 pages (varies by product) featuring general instructions for using the program, specific step-by-step lessons that correspond to the program, word lists, and blackline masters.

Samples (PDF):