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The Stages of Writing

As children develop their writing skills, they pass through certain recognizable stages of learning to write. In the kindergarten classroom, one is likely to find children at all stages of development. The goal of kindergarten will be to encourage each child to progress as his or her ability and interest will allow. Stages of writing are as follows:

  1. Draws pictures and tells stories about them.
  2. Draws a series of sequenced pictures to tell a story.
  3. Play writes in scribbles.
  4. Play writes in letter shapes.
  5. Prints a row of random letters.
  6. Copies words randomly on the page.
  7. Prints words they know.
  8. Prints words using their own inventive spelling.
  9. Prints words using standard spelling.

Parents should not be alarmed as children pass from scribble through inventive spelling stages of writing. If children are encouraged to write, and are given a variety of exposure to words in print, they will gradually develop an interest and an awareness of correct spelling.