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Alphabet Detectives

Tell the children that they are going to be Alphabet Detectives. Plan a trip to the park, around school grounds, or some other place outdoors if possible. (This activity can be done indoors as well.)

Ask the children to look for things that begin with every letter in the alphabet. Tell them that you will work with them in making a list of every letter in the alphabet, and things that begin with each letter. For example: A - ants, B - ball, C - cats, D - dandelions. After the hike, have the children take turns telling what things they saw at the park beginning with each letter. Ask the children why the alphabet is so important. (It is used to make up words.) Sing the ABC Song together.

Guess My Letter

To play "Guess My Letter," tell the children that you are thinking of a letter that comes after C, but before the letter E. Who can guess the letter? Discuss the what the terms "before" and "after" mean. Have children take turns giving clues while other children guess the letter. It will be helpful to have them use an alphabet chart.