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Multiplication Problem Solving

Solve each problem:
1.  The classroom has 3 boxes of pencils. Each box has 7 pencils in it. How many pencils are there in all?  ________ 2.  There are 5 rose bushes. Each rose bush has 11 ladybugs on it. How many ladybugs in all ? ______
3. Judy went to the market to buy apples. She got 4 bags of apples with 4 apples in each bag. How many apples are there in all ? ______ 4.  Brian went to the toy store. He bought 6 packages of toy cars with 4 cars in each package. How many cars did he buy in all ? ______

5.   At the donut shop April sold 5 boxes of donuts with 12 donuts in each box. How many donuts did she sell in all  ? ______

6.    Maureen sold 8 pairs of shoes. How many shoes were sold in all? ______

(Hint: A pair = 2)