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Multiplication Problem Solving

Solve each problem:
1.  There are 3 cartons of eggs. Each carton has 6 eggs in it. How many eggs are there in all?  ________ 2.  Breanna played in 6 baseball games. She caught 3 fly balls in each game. How many fly balls did Breanna catch in all? ______
3. There are 4 bags of candy.  Each bag has 5 pieces of cand in it. How many pieces of cand are there in all? ______ 4.  3 boys bought 4 baseball cards each. How many baseball cards did they buy in all ? ______

5.  Collin and Andy went to the store to buy bread. They each bought 2 loaves. How many loaves of bread did they buy? ______

6.  There are 8 football teams in the league. Each team has 10 players.  How many players are there in all? ______